Chicken B.B.Q Specialist for over 37 years

Founded in 1979, the company Les Aliments La Brochette inc. took up residence on the 1st street in Iberville. The founders have united their efforts and experiences to offer their customers a single product: Chicken B.B.Q. cooked on the spit, hence the name ‘‘La Brochette”.

The company is reborn from the flames

In 1985, a devastating fire destroyed the premises of the company.  Then it was relocated in his current facilities in Mont St-Grégoire.  Gradually the company offered a wider range of added-value products. The company is now under the leadership of the second generation of the family Tarte, while keeping the same expertise and passion shown by his predecessors. Proud of their products, the team of Les Aliment La Brochette is constantly evolving in order to offer more and more specialized products and being at the avant-garde of the market.

HACCP Certified: health insurance and quality

The plant processes poultry products in his12,000 square feet factory. The B.B.Q. chicken, which makes the fame of Les Aliments La Brochette, is always made from the same recipe and the same type of cooking used for more than 35 years. Operating under the certification ”HACCP ” of the federal government,this is a guarantee of quality and safety, the company is subject to the most rigorous inspections from raw material to the finished product.

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More than a team

Here, the employees are an integral part of the business, everyone feels like they’re part of the family. Respect and brotherhood are the words that prevail in this close-knit team. Some of our employees are with the company for more than 10 years, even 20 years in some cases and their enthusiasm can still be felt like it was in their first year.


Recently, Les Aliments La Brochette can count among their sister companies a butcher (L and L Boucher) and a vegetable processing plant (Innovalia Foods).  An excellent complement to the products offered.  Several projects are on their way for both companies.